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Lectern series - Multimedia Lectern

S600F Multimedia Lectern




-composite materials a integrated; Desk main body is made of 1.5 mm cold rolled steel plate, the other is 1.2 mm; Attached to the lock key 3 only.

-desktop use wooden yellow resistance to delimit woodiness material, handrails used oak armrest, Loak decorative materials;

-through independent spring latch lock, control the keyboard drawer, drawer for intermediate and display the drawer; visualizer drawer , PC cabinet and 19" Rack mount ,

-Carbon metallic paint and Metal for 19" Rack mount & iron frame

-display a mechanical shaft installation, tilting open display cover board, display Angle can be arbitrary adjustment;

-provides the armrest let the speaker hold hand, size 60 x600mm; Lead activities L plate,

-hidden drawer slide rail, can accommodate the keyboard, mouse, control panel

-the keyboard frame hidden store content drawer below;

-and the right has the drawer is smoked pull, can be placed physical placements, 6 kg;

-the lower table and adopt international standard rack type design, with partition; 


-    Weight: 30kg 

-    Load weight: 50kg 

-    Power Supply: 220 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz,13Aplug,

-    Mon size: max 496x326mm

-    Integrated desktop notebook Interface module: VGA, HDMI, USB, Audio, Lan, and electrical socket panel on the left

-    Dimensions (W x H x D): 1100mm x 1000mm x 750mm;


-desk extensible IC card electric lock IC card function, extensible 2 x 30 w amplifier and speaker, anti-theft alarm system;

-Using 4" activities wheel x4 & lock

-desktop integration intercom button and intercom microphones, extensible IP intercom telephones;

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