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Lectern series - Multimedia Lectern

S900F Multimedia Lectern




-1,gangmu combination, streamline arc design. The overall layout of the small and exquisite, desktop for flat desktop, notebook computer can be placed.

-2,desk desktop board use fire prevention board, fire prevention, dustproof, waterproof, resistant to scratching. Desk subject. 1.5 mm cold rolled steel sheet, the other part is made of 1.2 mm cold rolled steel plate. Armrest for oak material.

-3,tilting design, display cover used visual Angle can be arbitrary regulation.

-4,table with a standard rack size design, lined up all the equipment.

-5,her desk face is made of black cold rolling steel plate decoration, left and right sides with inclined holes, can be built-inspeakers.

-6,can expand activity at the bottom of the table and wheel, convenient to move.       

-7,long desk size: 89 * 68 * 110 (CM) wide


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