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Lectern series - Multimedia Lectern

DST-1200TC Multipurpose Lectern




-Middle Density fiberboardMDF(Furniture type )

-Thickness: 25mm

-MaterialMiddle Density fiberboardMDF, Density: 0.73g/cm3, Elastic modulus: 2910 MPa, Formaldehyde emission: 3.7mg/100g

-Thickness Swelling: 2.5%, Surface bonding strength: 1.15MPa  (Including Test Report)

-Surface treatment: walnut wood veneer + Solid wood edge seal + Baked paint

-Manufacturing method-Using Green Environmental (Class E2: ≤30mg/100g) MDF

-Features is After sanding, can be on the Surface of baking paint, Shape: larger changes

-wood pest control, moisture-proof, antiseptic and three types of drying process

-the drying wood to a moisture content of less than 9%,

-Lectern Bottom and Rack mount structure: iron frame reinforcement & lock mount into floor (Thickness: >3mm)

-Carbon metallic paint and Metal for 19" Rack mount & iron frame (Thickness: 2mm).

-Using activities wheel & lock

-Color: wood grain (walnut) (To be confirmed by user.)

-With 2U drawer and ventilation holes

-Wooden Cover fix on the Rack Mount

-The back panel of the wooden cover is able to remove for daily checking and maintenance.


-    Weight: 50kg

-    Load weight: 80kg

-    Power Supply: 220 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz, 13A plug, 13A/220v on/off switch x2

-    Dimensions: 1350(W) x 760 (D) x1030(H) mm.

-    Using 4" activities wheel x4

-    Panel: Mic x 2/4 ,Audio Tie-Line output x 2, VGA & AV x 1

Download product detail (PDF file)


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