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YTK LCD Trolley and Mount Bracket List - LCD Trolley-series

LP101 65"-102" LCD Trolley




-          LCD Wall Mount Trolley

-          Wall Mount bracket size for 65"-102" LCD/LED TV/Mon

-          Trolley altitude: 1390-1540mm

-          Upper / lower tray design

-          (Left/Right) Adjustable of Mount bracket: 200-1050mm

-          (Up /Down) Adjustable of Mount bracket: 200-620mm

-         Upper tray size (W X D): 975 x 525mm

-          Lower tray (W X D): 1160 x 740mm

-          Maximum height (top and ground distance): 1835mm

-          Material: Iron of A3, Steel wire

-          Color: black, Phenolic plastics , Surface treatment: Bake of high temperature

-          Locking wheel design

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