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Lectern series - UDS-SeriesLectern Lift series

FK535N Lectern Lift with all in one PC


-Lectern Lift (up /stop / down)

- electrical body lift with 260mm wide range adjustment by your will. and monitor lift, Presented with two gooseneck microphone

-wheels 4 wheels for moving convenience

- Material Stainless steel, aluminums and wood

-Dimension 790(W)*620(D)*1200(H)mm

-Weight 84kg

-Power distributor AC Outputs: 110V-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz

-Interface Modules:  USBx2,  MICx2 , VGA x1, Lift switch (up /stop / down)

-Bottom interface Three-core Caron x2 for connect amplifer, HDMI X1

-Touch Monitor Equipped 23.6” Dell touch all-in-one PC presenting solution on top

-software : dispatch screen software

-Gooseneck Mic + LED light : Mic.interface/ switch, LED light interface /switch"

Download product detail (PDF file)


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