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YTK LCD Lift List - LCD-N Series LCD LIFT

UDR-52B 52” LCD TV Lift (Rotate 180°left and right)



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-Material: Steel

-Color: Phenolic plastics , Surface treatment: Bake of high temperature

-Lift Motor : Power Supply: 220 V , Power output: 20w , speed scope: 90-1400, Type: Reversible motor

-Pitch angle Motor : Power Supply: 12 V , Power output: 0.17w

-Pitch angle of LCD mon : 0°-15°, Rotate 18

-Load weight: 50kg

-Weight: 40kg

-Power Supply: 220 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz, 13A plug

-Connector port : DVI/HDMI , RS232/RS485 , RJ45 ,(Optional) USB

-Operation noise : less than or ≤ 20dB

-Wall Mount bracket for 52” LED monitor /TV

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